Planning a wedding in Maine from California seemed an impossibility until we met you. Your easy confidence and solid organization skills gave us the sense that we could create a perfect destination weekend for our friends and family. You listened to our desires and considered our budget and gave us the right path to take in every direction. Having you there to make it all run seamlessly was incredibly reassuring and relaxing for us. All we had to do was have focus on each other… and love our experience -Kery & John
Faced with the daunting challenge of planning and hosting an event in a far away, unfamiliar city, I got lucky. My co-host put me in touch with Cairn Events who proved invaluable from the start. They did everything from the macro to the micro/mini with enthusiasm and competence. Such attention to detail, anticipating clients’ needs and all the while sticking to our budget. After the event week, I got nothing but compliments from many attendees, but the real heroine who deserved the praise was Meg. They have my unreserved endorsement. -Bill
After all the hours put into planning our wedding, working with Heather was by far our best investment. All the money and hours would have been a waste if we had not been able to experience the incredible day with our family and friends. I loved planning my wedding, but Heather made it possible to enjoy all of the moments that we had worked so hard to create. -Margaret
Cairn Events helped me every step of the way, making the process of planning a wedding fun and exciting instead of stressful. Ever so organized, Meg would swiftly take care of all of the annoying parts of planning and would present me with the choices after her hard work. She was supportive, available, efficient, professional and she made sure that our wedding felt like us. Meg thought of every detail; she creatively figured out solutions to every obstacle, like how to make our flower girl dresses look just right or how to display our slideshow. Our wedding was truly magical and exceeded all of my expectations. We coudl not have done it without her! -Claire
The level of service, knowledge and attention to detail was unbelievable. We had the most amazing wedding because of their passion and genuine excitement for their customers. We loved workint with them so much that I am hoping to plan another party soon just to work with them again. If you are in the market for an event planner, Cairn Events is the way to go. -Jamie